Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Jenny Walton in Meat After Meat Joy, New York - Reception 16 October 5:30-8:30pm

This show opens Thursday, October 16th. For those who will be in the New York Area in the next month, please stop by and check out the show! I hope I can see many of you at the opening!



Tamara Kostianovsky, Elegy,
clothing, meat hook, chain, 2008

Betty Hirst, Head II, Meat, 2008

Zhang Huan,
New York, Performance Whitney Biennial, 2002

Meat After Meat Joy, curated by Heide Hatry

16 October - 15 November

opening reception:

Thursday 16 October, 5:30 - 8:30 PM

Sheffy Bleier, Lauren Bockow, Adam Brandejs, Tania Bruguera, Nezaket Ekici,
Anthony Fisher, Betty Hirst, Zhang Huan, Tamara Kostianovsky, Simone Racheli, David Raymond, Dieter Roth, Carolee Schneemann, Stephen j Shanabrook, Jana Sterbak, Jenny Walton, Pina Yolacan

If the flesh disturbs you, then the reality behind the issue would disturb you far more if we opened our eyes long enough to see it. We live in a culture disconnected from what it is doing to itself and others, we choose to ignore rather than deal with the reality we have created for ourselves.

- Adam Brandejs

Meat After Meat Joy brings together the work of contemporary artists who use meat in their work (raw meat, the concept of meat, its symbolism and viscera) in order to investigate the paradoxical relationship meat has to the body. Meat combines flesh, skin, muscle, organs, blood - each with its own relationship to the body, yet meat's only reference to the body is as a once-upon-a-time living biological thing. By putting these artists together, the exhibition seeks to investigate the uncanny effect meat as a medium is for artist and viewer. This is not a show about meat as spectacle but about meat as signification, precisely because meat does not signify (a body) but its very annihilation...read more

- Heide Hatry

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