Tuesday, December 14, 2010

'Art Beat' With Sean Rameswaram

'Art Beat' With Sean Rameswaram

Alexandra and I were featured on Art Beat on NPR today!!

Monday, December 06, 2010

Happy Holidays!
The end of the year is in full swing for sure. I would love to invite you to my next show opening this Saturday!! I'll be showing with a great artist, Alexandra Zealand.
In the Present: works by Jenny Walton and Alexandra Zealand
You are invited to
In the Present: works by Jenny Walton and Alexandra Zealand.
The opening reception will be held
December 11th from 7-9pm
at 5710 Baltimore Avenue in Hyattsville, MD 20781.
The exhibition will run through January 9th.
artdc Gallery hours are by appointment.
For more information, please contact Jesse Cohen, Gallery Director at fineartventures@gmail.com or call 703-217-2006.

In the Present integrates the work of Jenny Walton and Alexandra Zealand who both grapple with thoughts of human life and its evolving relationships to the world. Though quite different in their materials, each artist’s work relates to the natural world in its present state, through abstracted anatomy caught in the act of degeneration or through repetitive looping reminiscent of cellular structures

suddenspace was a great success! Thanks to all those that attended.
The In Between - Jenny Walton - Monotype 2009 33" x 60"
The-In-Between, 2009 Monotype 33" x 60"

The show looked great and Liz Tunick from the National Gallery of Art wrote about my work! She was incredibly kind in her review. A tidbit is below.
    "Jenny Walton’s magnificent monotypes, untitled (60″ x 36″), Fluidity (60″x 33″) and The In Between (60″ x 36″). They caught my eye for more than their size, though a height of five feet – only 2” shorter than the artist, I learned – certainly helped announce them as the tours de force I found them to be."
    You can see the full text here,
    I'm back in the studio working on a new series that I'm really excited about. I hope to share more soon. I wish you all the best during the holidays and new year and hope to see you soon!