Monday, December 12, 2005

Boun Natale e Felice Anno


Its my last night in Italy for a month. Final crits are over, the
studio that should be condemned is torn down (well at least all the
partitions and tarps), my bags are packed and stored from Corciano to
Rome. I dropped a suitcase off at my new apartment underneath the
villa for storage until January. And I'm ready to say hi to the
States for a month (after a small tangent to Scotland for a few days).
Its been a long and eventful semester. I have been successful
personally and in classes. """read"""" I might actually have
understood western aesthetic philosophies. At least I convinced the
prof I did. And despite a little turmoil in the final crit for my
semesters work, that went well too. I can leave saying I'm proud of
myself for this semester. I look forward to the next semester in Rome
where even the school is changing and I have an entirely new city and
I would venture, even culture, to explore.

I hope to see some of you soon in the states. If I don't, I hope you
have a wonderful Holiday Season. As they say here: Boun Natale e
Felice Anno.

Ciao a doppo