Saturday, September 27, 2008

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Fall Preview: Jesper Just's Schizo Enigma\

Four films at the Brooklyn Museum of Art

By Robert Shuster

Wednesday, September 3rd 2008

'The Meat Show'
This is what you call raw art: Heide Hatry, the daughter of a Bavarian pig farmer and an artist who once wallpapered a room with a porker's skin, has assembled a wild survey of the meanings of meat. Central to the show are Carolee Schneemann's notorious sex-with-chickens dance orgy from 1964,
Meat Joy, and Zhang Huan's stroll through Manhattan in a muscled costume of dark-red beef. Other trenchant works include Tamara Kostianovsky's sirloin mimicry with fabric, Jenny Walton's painting of an oozing wound, and Betty Hirst's figures carved from frozen roast, which bleed as they thaw. Be forewarned: After staging a similar show, Hatry became a committed vegetarian. Daneyal Mahmood Gallery, 511 West 25th Street, 212-675-2966.