Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Rome Week 1

Dear family and friends,

So the first week of Rome has been an adjustment period. To all the
noise, people, traffic, time zones, my bohemian apartment, and the
being back in the midst of Italian language.

I feel as if I have gained not one roommate but three. Our garden
entrance is shared by the apartment next door where there are two
really great guys. Oscar and Robert. So far Robert is still at home
in America working and visiting family though he returns soon. Oscar
has kept it lively around here with his insanity and outrageousness.
I have a feeling this semester will be very interesting.

We moved into the studios last night. They are going to be very big
with only six of us. But the greatest news about the studio is I have
my own electrical plugs, walls, and the best of all....HEAT!!!!! It
was actually warm in there. What a luxury. There is no computer
access there that I know of. But the university has a BIG computer
lab with the most up to date equipment and I have my laptop with wi-fi
in my apartment. So look forward to better contact from this part of
the world.

So far I have found the school here itself to beat all of my
expectations, so unlike last semester. I was greeted by name (from
only one visit last semester) and given explanations on everything
that needed to happen. I even had a real orientation that covered the
basics plus some. I've found out that both my drawing and art history
class will be on site and most of thesis class will be as well. When
I consider all of this, I feel very fortunate this semester.

I will be going to Bologna for the Fiera either Friday or Saturday.
It is a huge international contemporary art fair sponsored by
galleries and museums. I'm very excited for that. And I think now
that I've lost myself and found my way back in my own neighborhood I
can also do so now in the Historical Center. (I live a little outside
the Aurelian Walls In Monteverde Vecchio).

Anyways, I will leave you all with this for now. I look forward to
hearing from you one way or another. Take care!