Thursday, January 26, 2006

Roman Palimpsest


What an interesting concept. Its the title of my Art History class.
Wiped out and written over. History. Rome. All in one. It will be
interesting to try to keep up with Lila. I expect that unless you are
a genius and running marathons and have the hearing of a dog, then it
is going to be difficult to catch everything in her lecturs. Just
today with only 3 students there were passages that I was unable to
catch due to the background noises of Rome. But I have a feeling that
I will absolutely enjoy the class. This is what I wanted. I wanted
to dig deep and delve into what is here. Emerse myself into the
histories, the art, and the passions of Rome and Italy. The
independent project will be interesting. I am looking forward to
finding a topic. This semester is what I feel grad school should be
like. Grueling, challenging, stimulating, and an absolute riot.