Tuesday, May 08, 2012

New Projects's spell the ABC's of Art Fun!  

  • Artomatic has The HumoRx Project research launch on May 18th
  • Bourgeon Book is featuring my article on the left handed series
  • Cuisine des Artistes on May 10th, DCAC's Bi-Annual Fundraiser is allowing me to collaborate with a celebrity chef!

A is for
Artomatic Logo

where I'll launching the
Research & Development
stages of 

The HumoRx Project logo
Starting May 18th at Artomatic 
Look for it in the 1st Floor Cafe!
This work in progress that explores the relationship between healing and humor and will result in an experiential installation in the near future.  I will post a few jokes here as they start to come in from Artomatic.
Your participation through joke telling is highly suggested and greatly appreciated as the project develops.    
Steps for contribution:
Step 1  pick a joke that makes YOU laugh
Step 2  tell yourself the joke
Step 3  call 571-30LAUGH (571-305-2844)
           or email the joke to HumoRxProject@gmail.com
Step 4  tell the joke to me
B is for BOOK
The editor's of Bourgeon Online Magazine are creating an anthology of DC artists and I have been chosen as one of the 14 visual artists included in the book.  The Bourgeon Book will be an anthology of contemporary art, as well as a snapshot into the process and artwork of artists in DC from 2005-2011. The book is being produced by Day Eight to further the mission of the magazine, including encouraging participation in the arts. For more information on the book please click here.  You can read my original artical for the Bourgeon Online Magazine here.  
Left Handed #11  7" x 5" watercolor on paper  copyright 2011
Left Handed #11  Watercolor 7" x 5" ©2011 Jenny Walton
C is for Cuisine des Artistes
There are few events that two of my favorite things in the world get to combine.  Art and Food. This is one of them.  I'm getting the amazing opportunity through DCAC's Biennial fundraiser to work with one of DC's finest chefs, Rahman "Rock" Harper, Executive Chef of DC Central Kitchen (another very worthy cause) and Season 3 winner of Hell's Kitchen.  We are creating a collaboration titled Bread and Water, a contemporary twist on an old classic of tomato soup and grilled cheese.

Don’t miss their unique fundraising event featuring performing artists, design by visual artists, and food created by culinary masters in an evening of surprise and delight.
For details click here or call 202-462-7833.
Thursday May 10, 2012 at Meridian House