Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hello all,

Just an fyi that between my 4 jobs after graduation, the one most important an only non-paying being an artist somehow has taken a small backseat for the need of cash and housing. So in the meantime, I've procured two jobs (well one really, cause my old job was given back to me) and a pet nanny position. Its been interesting and I'm working about 60 or more hours a week between pets and being an office manager.

It all puts being an artist and being given the time this summer to create into perspective. It was an amazing gift. Because now I realize how little time there is with all of the other stuff crowding in for time. Granted my finances took a serious hit by doing so, but I had one last hurrah for my thesis work, which was much needed. I'm now starting to get back on my financial feet, slowly and surely. There is still a lot of worry on how I'm going to pay for everything, but I think there is relief in sight.

I'm excited to be moving into a new place this week which will eliminate the pet nanny position. I thought I used to like pets until I lived with at times 10 cats and 5 dogs and 2 intense pet owners. But holy crap!, and lots of it too. when you've already worked a 10 hour day (or more) the last thing you want to do is come home and deal with pet crap, literally. I didn't know that people could honestly converse about pet crap for over 20 minutes with complete seriousness. Really I didn't. At some point the lunacy should have crept in and added some levity. I've been requested by several people to writer about my pet nanny position, but I think there needs to be some time away from it to be able to really appreciate it.

So now I'll be down to 50 hours a week and trying to create in the other waking hours. Wish me luck!