Sunday, November 06, 2005

Update from Italy, Midterms are OVER!

Hey all,

So midterms came and went this week. I finally had my first crit, as
the last one was spent in the ER after a graceful attempt to walk down
wet tile stairs. I'm not too sure how I feel about either yet. I had
my 3 day take home mid-term in criticism and finished under the
deadline by 15 minutes. Whew. While my brain is still recovering
from the mush that became of it while trying to figure out the
relationships between philosophy, art, and politics, I do actually
feel smarter. Though I did look like the picture below afterwards.
And I do have to say that that was the hardest test I've taken to
date. I now think that Dr. Folkestad's classes were a cake walk.

The weather here is definately changing into fall. Walking up and
down the hill the air is crisp and smells of wood smoke. The fog has
been rolling in around 3 pm and sticking until 9 am or so. It reminds
me alot of Ellensburg. Though there have been some pretty spectacular
sunsets. Example attached from this week. Though I have to say the
cooler damp weather does nothing for trying to line dry clothes. The
studio is become colder and colder, I'm getting used to not feeling my
fingers. I guess its part of the whole experience.

I'm going to try to make it to Florence and Fabriano this week.
Fabriano for the paper museum and some good paper samples for
printmaking and Florence becuase there are decent art supply stores
for inks and another trip to La Specola for some for sketching

The Venice Bienalle is still spinning through my head and it was a
great trip. There was lots of work there to ponder and be influenced
by. Not to mention being able to be literaly surrounded by work. I'm
just thankful that I made it to the last days of the Lucian Freud
exhibit. There was also the added plus of experiencing Piazza San
Marco and the duelly orchestras at night. Its magical, is all I have
to say.

Anyways, just a quick update on studies in Italy. Hope all is well at
home, write soon.