Saturday, October 15, 2005

Update from Italy.

Hey all!

Life in Italy is grand....cold and chilly, but going well. We are
enjoying the last days of sunshine before the notorious fog sets in.
We were in Pompeii last weekend which was fabulous. I have a whole
view of the culture of that time. I guess Vegas is not a new concept.
The culture of Eros and Bacchanalian pleasures as they say was very
prevalent. At the same time I was recovering from a bad case of
bronchitis, but the Italian medicines are pretty great. Can't say the
same for the doctors bedside manner...but hey, one can't have it all

Next weekend is the much anticipated chocolate festival. I'm already
signed up to help carve one of the 1\2 ton blocks of chocolate.
Aparantly there are mobs crying for the chocolate as it comes off the
block. Even the elderly push kids out of the way I guess. But there
are also chocolate tastings the next day. They say by the end of the
festival, the entire town is covered in chocolate. (I know my sister
is going to be very jealous).

Classes are progressing. I'm starting to gain a better understanding
of western aesthetic philosophy, though at times I find myself reading
passages over and over just to get one phrase through my thick skull.
I have my first big critique next week, which I'm getting nervous
about it , but so far no one has really be slaughtered per se. So
cross your fingers for me. I did an 8 hour session of printing today
and managed to get 10 decent prints out of 21. I feel like it was a

We are heading to Venice for the Biennial (Bi-annual international art
exhibition) at the end of October. I'm going to try to stay at least
an extra day from the group since I don't have classes until Tuesday.
I'm hoping to do some night photography while I'm there.

Anyways...that is the update from Italy for now. Hope all is well at
home. Please let me know how you are all doing.