Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Its 3am

Well, as the title states. It 3 am. I came home went to lay down for a minute, rest from work and woke up at 3 am. I never even heard my roomates moving around. Now I'm up, contemplating working on my commission, packing some more, or laying in bed trying to fall back asleep like I have for the last hour. Its nuts really. I have so little time left in portland and I spend my hours at work and awake in the dead of night. I think I should do some packing. Though Ella, the cat, is awake to keep me company. She came in to join me around 1 am. Though she has alternately tried to sneak under the covers, attack my hands, and snuggle. Crazy cat. Well its looking like there will be no sleep for the wicked here, so I might as well start packing something. Though at 3 am tyring to pack something quietly is going to be a challenge.

Found out today that its going to cost anywhere between $120 and $500 to ship my paint to myself because aparently TSA won't allow me to bring them with me in my checked luggage. Wish that my questions would have been answered so that I could have been more prepared for this.